The Chairman, BAIC

Bishop Gregory Anthony Collie

Gregory A. Collie was born on New Providence Island, Commonwealth of the Bahamas and is a former Senior Manager of the National Insurance Board where he was employer for 26 years. Gregory A. Collie is a Justice of the Peace and a marriage officer for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. He is married,a father and was educated at the College of the Bahamas now University of the Bahamas. He holds a certificate of higher learning in law from the University of Huddersfield, a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Windsor, Canada, as well as a certificate in Paralegal Legal Studies from the Institute of Legal Executive. His hobbies include photo taking, travelling and music. Mr.Collie is also is singer/songwriter and former lead vocalist of the now defunct ‘Soulmakers’ group.Mr. Collie is Senior Pastor and Bishop of First Holiness Church of God located Bamboo Town, Nassau and Young Husband Avenue, Freeport Grand Bahama. Mr. Collie is a past President and Secretary of The Public Managers Union. He is a former Assistant General Secretary of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas Trade Union Congress, a member of the Bahamas Real Estate Association and is a licensed Broker/ Appraiser.

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