BAIC supports Industry by providing property for lease to individuals that are interested. We also provide Business Plans at no cost with an average turn around of 45 days.

Persons who are interested in becoming involved in or are already involved in farming or industrial type businesses, have the option of leasing property from the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation. This avoids the major capital outlay that is usually involved in acquiring property and may be the preferred option for many.

This service is targeted primarily toward Bahamians and persons that are permanent residents here in The Bahamas. Foreign investors may also apply, but need to first seek authorization to do so from the Bahamas Investment Authority of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Complete and submit the application form and a business proposal, along with the required documents listed below, to any of the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation offices listed below.
Complete the Business Proposal that is prepared by the Agricultural Department representative meeting with you.
Once all leasing documentation has been completed, set an interview appointment with the BAIC.
Return to the BAIC for an interview at the scheduled time.

The Property Department would determine the appropriate manager needed to meet with you based on the nature of your proposed business.

Application Form(s)
Application for Land form (the form can be collected at the offices of the BAIC).

Supporting Documents
Proof of Bahamian Nationality / Permanent Resident Status (Passport).
National Insurance Card.
First six months of your Company’s Bank Statement (existing Business Owners).
Business licence.
Certificate of Business Registration.
Authorisation letters from the Office of the Prime Minister and the Bahamas Investment Authority (Foreign Investors).

Turn-around time

Applications are processed within 3 to 6 months.

There are no deadlines for this service.

Related Fee(s)
There are no application fees. However, once approved, fees vary depending upon location.

BS$25.00 per annum per acre (Family Islands only).
BS$1,000.00 per annum per acre or any part thereof (Gladstone Road Industrial Park).
Soldier Road Industrial park prices vary based on square footage and whether there is a building associated with the lease. Interested persons must contact the main office to get an accurate cost.