The Public Relations & Information Technology Department consists of a complement of eight (8) team members. This department was recently created in July 2014, which saw the merging of the Public Relations and Information Technology Department.

With respect to Public Relations, our team provides consistent support to all of our internal departments as well highlighting the various successes and initiatives of the Corporation to the public. The Public Relations Team is also charged with the responsibility of protecting the corporation’s corporate identity. The PR Team has successfully re-branded the corporation which included modernizing the corporation’s logo, social media presence, stationery and website, all of which have successfully been integrated into the daily activities of the corporation.

In light of the fast growing demand for BAIC to extend its reach across the archipelagic landscape of The Bahamas, it remains critical for the Public Relations & Information Technology Department to carry out all technical support services, network administration, website design and maintenance, and all allied work associated with growth and development of BAIC’s IT infrastructure and architecture.

Oversight of all IT equipment and services, whether configuring network access, setting up and making changes to existing workstations, servicing various printers and copiers throughout the corporation, creation of segregated wireless networks for guest, assigning access rights at various levels to key personnel within the company, or deciding on the use of software for the company, all fall under the purview of this Department. The Department is also responsible for the daily operation of the building access control system that provides Human Resources with employee attendance and time records electronically. The Department has focused on the importance of network redundancy to ensure reliability, availability and confidentiality of the Corporation’s data, ensuring that there is a workable disaster recovery system in the event of unforeseen failures.

Information technology is all about allowing for the most effective and competent forms of electronic communication to take place. These communications come in the form of networking and telephony, such as point to point phone calls or audio conference calls and readily accessible information either onsite at our main location or at any of satellite offices throughout The Bahamas. The Department also facilitates the use of video and web conferences, VPN access, file sharing such as common network drives or server access, and external devices such as electronic mail that is sent through a secure server. Without question, the Public Relations & Information Technology Department understands how these forms of communication work, and will ensure they remain in proper working order at all times.