BAIC’s Office in Abaco oversees the Corporation’s land portfolio in Abaco. The Corporation has acquired farmland in the two areas mentioned. The application process has been completed and approved. These properties will provide financial and employment opportunities for approximately 300 prospective farmers on the island. Applicants receiving Lease Agreements will be required to develop the land and commence production with immediate effect. The handing over of leases to the applicants will be an historic event in that BAIC will endeavour to provide much needed technical assistance, latest farming technology and training opportunities through newly formed Associations. The Abaco Farmers Association was established to assist the Corporation in monitoring the types of crops under production and guide the novice farmer on the best practices so that a variety of crops are produced.

Site Inspections will be conducted in these areas on a regular basis and as such, BAIC will upgrade the roads leading to the farms, in particular to the Norman’s Castle area.

Abaco Farmers Market Craft Centre, Community Centre

The site of the proposed facilities has been the centre of attraction for many community based activities. Once this site has been properly developed it will serve as the cultural Mecca of Abaco. BAIC has done a yeoman’s job in paving the grounds and all electrical services have been installed, which means that the Park can be used for day and night functions.