Opening of our Straw Craft Workshop.

Sr. Deputy General Manager Ms. Debbie Strachan brought opening remarks, at the start of the Straw Craft workshop. Ms. Strachan encouraged attendees to keep an open mind and to be creative as there will be many opportunities for them to … Read More

Grand Bahama Conch Shell Carving Program Opening

BAIC’s Conch Shell Carving Workshop: Freeport Grand Bahama Attendees at the 2019, Stage 1 Conchshell Carving Workshop in Freeport, at the Grand Bahama Arts & Craft Center. Trainer for the Workshop is Ms. April Fox-Martin. Participants heard from Mr. Iram … Read More

BAIC Slashes Financial Bleeding by over $1M!

BAIC Technology Workshop – September 18th, 2018

BAIC’s Technology Workshop with Kristie Powell – Tuesday, September 18, 2018  “Businesses don’t have a choice of whether or not to DO social media their choice is how well they DO it” Eric Qualman, “Socialnomics”    As the Bahamas positions … Read More