The corporation is mandated by the BAIC Act:

  • To stimulate, facilitate and encourage the development of agriculture in The Bahamas
  • To Engage in any other activities designed to promote the Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Development of The Bahamas

The corporation is mindful of the need of bridging the gap of the estimated $200 plus million agricultural import bill and engaging Bahamians in the ongoing proposed billions of dollars of investment mainly via anchor projects throughout The Bahamas. The corporation has commenced work on the following initiatives:

  • Expansion/Creation of large scale commercial enterprises
  • Expansion/Creation of smaller cottage industry
  • Assistance to School programs

The targeted product items include, Vegetables (Cabbage, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, ETC.) Livestock, tree farming (limes, mangoes, avocado, coconuts etc.) and plants for landscaping (sea grapes, coco plums, etc.). Where the present or potential market and or project exist, the entities will be encouraged to produce for that market on that particular island in the first instance and subsequently for the larger Bahamas.

The initiatives will be undertaken by the corporation via activities inclusive of the following:

  • Review the possibility of further developing and expanding green house technology
  • Provide and publish a listing of incentives for the agriculture sector
  • Review and comment on training for the agriculture initiatives (e.g. Budding of Trees, Animal husbandry)
  • Review and comment on funding for the agriculture sector (public, private, and guarantee funds)
  • Develop business profiles for the various components of the initiative

The corporation is dedicated to pursuing its mandate to stimulate, facilitate and encourage the development of agriculture in The Bahamas.

Some of the actual services include:

  • Project Proposal Assistance
  • Farm Visits
  • Farm Review and monitoring
  • Farm Appraisals
  • Input Supply and Procurement
  • Seeds
  • Chemicals
  • Equipment
  • Livestock
  • Assistance to strengthen and form farmers groups or associations