What Is Agricultural Marketing?
Agricultural Marketing covers the services involved in moving agricultural products from the farm to the consumer. There is a network of activities that contribute to the successful marketing of produce.

These initiatives involve but may not be limited to the following:

• Planning Production
• Growing & Harvesting
• Grading
• Packing
• Transport
• Storage
• Agro & Food Processing
• Distribution
• Advertising &
• Sales

With these facts in mind, we can conclude that Marketing is everything a business does. It is the driving force behind any successful business and cannot take place without exchange of information and the availability of adequate financing.

The Agricultural Marketing & Logistics Department
The Agricultural Marketing & Logistics Department of BAIC is committed to revitalizing the Agricultural Industry in The Bahamas.

With efforts focused on changing the mindset of local growers and buyers, we anticipate the eventual, significant decline of imported produce and a steady increase in local exchange.

It is our vision that the country becomes self sufficient in the area of produce. A major part of achieving this goal is to educate our farmers to the importance of meeting and keeping up with International food quality and safety standards by being compliant with programs such as:

• GAP - Good Agricultural Practices
• HACCP - Packing House Standards
• ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System

BAIC Agricultural Marketing & Logistics Department has taken on the challenge to be the bridge between the grower and the buyer and as such has committed to informing, educating, evaluating and supporting all stakeholders in the Agricultural Industry.

The Mission
• To pre sell local produce while crops are still in the ground;
• Create link between buyers and growers;
• Promote Food Safety through programs such as GAP;
• Support planning by providing real time Marketing Information and Support Mechanisms;
• Introduce USDA Standards for all relevant personnel until Bahamian Standards are identified;
• To show the importance of creating and mobilizing Agricultural Production Officers.

The Goals & Priorities
• Implementation of a National Planting Schedule;
• Creation of a Farmers' database to ensure traceability on the farm;
• Maintain Crop Forecast while developing the National Planting Schedule to assist with Market Planning;
• To assist where possible in sourcing funding for farming costs.

Our Services
• Promotion of local produce through telephone, email and ongoing Road Sales Initiatives;
• Reaching out to local growers by offering assistance and advice to bring them up to GAP International standards, thereby allowing them the opportunity to access the Local Markets;
• Reaching out to local buyers and encouraging them to support native farmers thereby decreasing imports;
• Provide ongoing Research relative to the Agricultural Market as needed and requested by ALL stakeholders with regard to:

1) Produce
2) Storage
3) Temperatures
4) Packaging
5) Grading
6) Weighing

• Provide general support and information as needed by our Market Sector.