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The Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation now invites eligible consultants or consultancy firms to indicate their interest in providing services such as: Training Evaluator | Sales Coordinator | Communication, PR & Advertising | Sustainability Tools | Branding Graphics | Governance Training & Financial Management

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BAIC has helped to drive down prices of produce by having our weekly Pop-Up Market. To find out more, click the button below.



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The Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation is quasi-government organization that assists small farmers and entrepreneur find their way in the agriculture field.

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Here at The Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation we provide an array of services that help and assist in all facets of agriculture.

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BAIC was formed specifically to assist in the creation and development of commerce and industry within the Bahamas, as well as expand and create opportunities for Bahamians to participate in the economic development of The Bahamas. The Corporation had placed great focus on promoting the Bahamas, processing investment inquires, attracting manufacturing and related ventures, and stimulating the productive sector. BAIC undertook those projects that proved difficult for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. For short time, BAIC assumed responsibility for the marketing of agricultural produce purchased through the Ministry of Agriculture’s packinghouses and produce exchange system ensure that the products of agriculture reached the desired markets.

"The mission of the Government of The Bahamas is to improve the quality of life for all the Bahamian people through the creation of a stable, fully employed society in which every Bahamian who is willing and able will become economically empowered."